Slime Volleyball One Slime
By Quin Pendragon and Daniel Wedge
This version: 6th May, 2003.

If you're going to put this up on a website, I'd appreciate it if you linked to so that any changes that are made are available to all players. Also note that this game is not to be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever (including having any ads on your website), and we have our ways of checking this. Thanks.

A/left arrow=left, D/right arrow=right, W/up arrow=jump, P=pause, K=restart level.

Ace: 200 points
Winner: 100 points
Point: 50 points
Level bonus: your points/total points, times 1000
Time bonus: 1 points per second less than five minutes you take
Flawless victory: 1000 points
All multiplied by 2^(the level number - 1)

The latest version of One Slime, as well as a FAQ and links to other Slime games, will always be at Wedgey's Homepage.