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SHS Leavers Meal 03.

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Welcome to the SHS Leavers Meal 2003 Site, here you will find all the pictures that I can get my hands on of the 2003 leavers meal at the Gansbrough Hotel.
As you will see it was a great night and fun was had by all.
If you have any pictures, that I can add to the site please contact me: and I will put them on the site.
Oh and to save you from utter bordem I have put about eight pics in one gallery so you don't die of bordem waiting :)
Happy Viewing!

Well peeps thank-you, this site had 188 hits in July and a total of 228 hits so far.
I know that intrest will soon go, but I would like ideas for other sites.
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Thanks To:
Me (Lots of pics.)
Steve B (A fair few pics.)
Fev (16 pics.)
Siddy (14 pics.)

Scott Bentley 2003. You can take any pics you want from the site, but for the best copies, e-mail me and ask for them.